Christian Rode – Fighter Pilot and Keynote Speaker

In his exiting, intense and motivating keynotes, Christian Rode transfers successful Fighter Pilot tools and into the business world.  He invites you to an exiting trip into the world of military aviation, something you might only know out of Hollywood movies.

But it’s more than just  “TOP GUN” !

How can a business company profit from the world of military aviation and a real Fighter Pilot attitude?

The term “Airmanship” has long be known in professional aviation. Still, the meaning of the word itself remains unclear even for pilots. What is it, that makes “Airmanship” so important? Well, there are different attributes that make a pilot demonstrate good “Airmanship”. However these attributes are not only important for Pilots, they are applicable for all types of professionals outside aviation. In 45 exiting minutes, Christian Rode will take you into the world of military aviation and explain to you why pilots act the way the do in the air, and how you can transfer this knowledge in your own business environment.

Get to know, how you can make quick and good decisions with the right attitude and knowledge, just like Fighter Pilots do it!

Christian Rode’s keynotes are exiting, intense and dynamic. You will not see ppt Slides with more words you can or want to read.  You will however gain exiting information that motivates you to get better at what you do! Dive into the world of real “Top Guns” (not the Movie). This is the real deal!

My Keynotes

Make smart decisions with the Airmanship Method

  • How to reach real professionalism with the right attitude, discipline and endurance
  • Knowledge⁵: What you need to know, not to be surprised. Reach your mission goal and be prepared
  • Learn how to make use of good situational awareness to end up with a good decision, every time

Through the Sound Barrier  – New!!!

  • How highly specialized and qualified T.E.A.M.s  work and communicate
  • How you can improve your entire organization by applying one simple process
  • Learn how you can communicate your errors and “lessons learned”

Fighter Pilot Risk Management

  • How to better analyst and control your risks
  • Manage your risks in 5 easy to use steps
  • Reach your mission objective despite opposing risks
  • Learn how risk and safety can co-exist!

Other Topics

  • The Leadership Acronym – “What you did not know about leadership just yet!”
  • Human Factors – “System knowledge human being, or using your human resources the optimum way!”

Christian Rode will show you, how to use structured processes that were optimized by fighter pilots over decades can be used to your advantage when running your business!

“Doing things right the first time, every time!”